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Probably the hardest choice I have made was leaving my marriage”- BBNaija star, Venita Akpofure



 Probably the hardest choice I have made was leaving my marriage”- BBNaija star, Venita Akpofure

Venita Akpofure



Entertainer and model, Venita Akpofure, has said that leaving her marriage was probably the hardest choice she has at any point needed to take.


The ex-BBNaija housemate was recently hitched to Terna Olusola Tarka and they have two girls. In 2019, she affirmed tales that their marriage had smashed and furthermore excused reports that he was a vicious man.


In a new meeting with Punch, Venita said leaving their association has been probably the hardest choice to take


“Probably the hardest choice I have made was leaving my marriage. It got known to the general population around seven months after I had moved out of my wedding home.


I’m thankful that I had an incredible emotionally supportive network that truly helped me through that period. Being a single parent isn’t simple, particularly if ones work a ton. I needed to perform various tasks to ensure I’m there for my children.


I don’t consider being in the spotlight as a satisfaction. Satisfaction, as far as I might be concerned, comes from the inside, which is the point at which I am meeting individual objectives and accommodating my kids.”she said

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Tiwa Savage Fought An Artist For Featuring In My Song- Seyi Shay Reveals Amidst Fight Saga



Tiwa Savage Sheyi shay

Tiwa Savage Fought An Artist For Featuring In My Song- Seyi Shay Reveals Amidst Fight Saga

Fans of Tiwa savage and Seyi Shay has kept reacting after a trending video of the two singers going verbal at each other surfaced online. The musicians met at a salon and got into heated arguments after Seyi approached Tiwa to reconcile but Tiwa would have none of that.

Seyi Shay has however made some revelations about the fight in a private interview and she has pointed out that Tiwa savage is not innocent as most people believe. Replying to Tiwa who said she has a dirty and disgusting spirit, Seyi said ‘‘It takes a dirty spirit to know a dirty spirit’’.

She narrated since the f**k you challenge, we’ve seen each other in different places. I’ve said Hello, she said Hello back. We’ve even entered the same private jet together. We’ve taken pictures together.

In my mind, I was like why is she acting crazy. Meanwhile, I’ve just done a chemical peel. I look at her face, looked like she’s done a chemical peel.

She’s definitely angry about something, but it cannot be the f**k You Challenge. After how long Nah.

First of all, I’m confused about how a mother swears about her son’s life. She says I have a dirty spirit. In my mind, I was like it takes a dirty spirit to know a dirty spirit.

The part I did not see on Tunde Ednut’s post was where she said ‘‘Seyi you won’t give birth. God won’t give you a child. She said it in Yoruba. It hurt me because I’ve had a miscarriage before.

I didn’t respond because I wanted everything she said to be clear. Common I said Hello to you, you said Hi back, we exchanged pleasantries, I walked away, and you came back 20 mins later.

Who told her I was looking for a child, is she stalking me I guess is those pregnancy rumors between her and her boyfriend.

This is the same person that went to sing my song. One of her biggest songs ever, “Mr. Lova Lova’. I co-wrote the song.  I called her to give me my credit. She said no, she doesn’t believe I co-wrote it, that the song is out already. I recorded the whole conversation.

This is the same girl that went to attack a popular male artist for featuring on one of my songs and featuring on her song too.

This is the same girl that went to approach a very big brand you all know and threatened to take them to court unless they take me out of their ambassadorship because she was pregnant as at then.

All these things have been going on all these years and I’ve said nothing about it.’’

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Anita Joseph Replies Those Asking Why She Is Not Yet Pregnant



Anita Joseph

Anita Joseph Replys Those Asking Why She Is Not Yet Pregnant

Popular Nigerian Actress, Anita Joseph just reproved those criticizing her for not being pregnant yet, 16 months after she officially tied the knots with her husband Fisayo Michael, a popular hype man in Nigeria known as MC Fish.

She described followers who put pressure on married celebs and other individuals about getting pregnant as being silly.

She revealed that she is always in high spirits but had to fight some private battles of life.

She described people coming to her social media page to ask her why she is not yet pregnant as funny and not being able to find words to put what she has experienced in the hands of such persons.

“People have said many unprintable things and I find them very naughty and silly. People that make those kinds of comments are just low lives. Some would even ask if my husband does not have sperm. However, I handle it well by ignoring them. I believe that if one is well-mannered and has a proper upbringing, there are some statements one would not make on social media. Words are very sensitive, so I have built armor around myself. I have always said that marriage is beautiful and I am a testimony to that.”

Speaking about fake friends, the actress said, “Fake friends are everywhere, not just the entertainment industry. Everyone should live their lives the way it suits them. If one is not truthful to oneself, one cannot be truthful to other people. As a matter of fact, one cannot even be honest with friends if one is not true to oneself. I cannot stand people who are not comfortable with their lives making derogatory comments on my social media page. I can’t stand people with questionable characters attempting to bully, insult and body-shame me when I am better than them in all ramifications. I cannot also stand people who easily spew insults at other people or judge one based on what they heard about one on social media.”

On some of the benefits of marriage, Anita Joseph spills, “Ever since I got married, I have become more beautiful and glow differently because I have peace. There are a lot of married people who do not have peace in their homes. Money and material possessions may finish but one’s peace is sacrosanct. I have heard people say that if one does not have money, one cannot have peace of mind. But, some people have money, yet don’t have peace. I am grateful for my husband. He is God-sent and we are content with our lives. Some of my friends did not expect me to settle down with a hype man but I am glad I did. Who does not need a hype man in their lives? My heart certainly beats for him.”


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Twitter Ban: Banky W Urge Youths To Stop Voting For Politicians Above The Age Of 65



Twitter Ban

Twitter Ban: Banky W urges youths To Stop voting for politicians above 65

Popular Nigerian Singer, actor, and politician, Olubankole Wellington popularly known as Banky W, just described the decision of the FG of Nigeria on the Twitter ban in Nigeria as a “clueless” move.


In several Tweets he made on Twitter he mentioned that the FG has not been able to stop the case of kidnapping, banditry, and other problems in the country but they were able to ban Twitter.


He went ahead to urge Nigerians not to vote for politicians who are older than the age of 65 in the 2023 elections since the official age for retirement in Nigeria is 65.

His tweets

 “Nigerian Government banned Twitter, and announced the ban ON Twitter. You can’t make this up. Clueless.

“They can’t stop kidnapping, armed robbery and terrorism, the country is as unsafe as ever and yet they can seize passports and block bank accounts of peaceful protesters.

“They ban cryptocurrency. They ban Twitter. Completely out of touch with the plight of young people.

“The retirement age in Nigeria is 65. Regardless of party if you’ll be over 65 at the time of elections, we won’t vote for you. It’ll at least eliminate an entire group that has had enough opportunities to fix this mess.


“Can we consider doing #NowToOldToRule? If you’re over 65, you’ve had your chance to help fix this mess. Isn’t it time for that entire generation to rest? The Nigerian Government should not be a retirement home. It’s worth a thought. It’s worth a shot,” he wrote.


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