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Get Paid FREE BITCOIN Fast For Doing Nothing | No Investment



For this video, we have Steps number one, two, and three.

Follow me along and I will show you exactly what you need to do in order to set up your own passive bitcoin earning stream. 


Hi, guys welcome to cashoutdaily and now I’m going to show you my own secrete way to get paid with bitcoin fast for doing no work.


Cryptocurrencies are still skyrocketing and this way, you can earn coins as a complete beginner.


This method is available all over the world and it is only 18 months old so it is guaranteed to work through 2021.


This video is going to be a really in-depth tutorial so make sure to pay close attention and don’t skip any part in order to maximize your profit.


And now guys I’m going to jump into the first step but before that make sure to support my channel by giving this video a thumbs up, subscribe and hit the notification bell so you get notified whenever I upload a new video like this of ways to monetize your time online.


So without wasting much time let’s get to step number one. 


So in step number one, I want you to come over to a website called


Now guys once you come on to you would be able to see this dashboard in front of you.


So what is, as the name suggests, bigfortip is a website that is basically going to tip you in the form of bitcoin. 


So that means whenever you have a tip, those tips can increase in their value as the price of bitcoin goes up. 


Now over here on the website, you can see that people are asking different questions like we have the first one here asking a “suggest me the best data recovery company that can extract data from scratched Hard Disk Drive platter surface.”


So like, we have hundreds and hundreds of questions over here and all of these questions here are requiring answers and you can simply give answers to all these questions and you can earn bitcoin. 


Now you guys must be wondering, how are we going to give answers to these questions. 


Now guys it is very very simple. Now firstly what you have to do is that you have to find a question which is the most valuable or a question which requires the most scientific knowledge.

So For example we have a lot of questions over here but I don’t see a question that is really good over here. 

So what I want you to do is that simply click at number two from the bottom and that is going to take you over to this page so guys from over here simply look for a question that is the best. 

So for example we have this question “ out of the top 50 cryptocurrencies can you give me a list of the ones that have confirmed a backdoor for nation-state organization”. 


So I’m simply going to choose this question and now what I want you guys to do is that I want you to simply copy this question, for example, if you can’t see the question over here simply go back and then from over here I want you to simply copy the whole question.


Now once you’ve copied the whole question I want you to come over here, past the same question over here, just make sure to remove any extra information that might be there, and then after that just click on this and once you have this simply open up an article and then simply read through it and then give a brief answer.


But if you want to skip that process, for example, we have this question over here “tell me the most profitable ENU game”.


So guys for questions like this you can get answers very easily, so if you have a question like this, just simply come back to google and type in over here “the most profitable ENU games” once you type in this you can see that a list comes up and you can simply copy this list and send it over to bitfortip over here as an answer. So once you start doing this, you can start to receive coins in your earning.


So to get started you simply can register over here and over here click on register and you are quickly registered and done with step one.


Step number two, so guys in step number two once you are registered and signed in to your account you will be able to see a different dashboard on the right side. So guys when you want to cash out, what you can do is that you can simply cash out from this website to your bitcoin wallet address.


Now guys here is how you are going to get yourselves a bitcoin address and it is very simple.

Just come onto a website called 


Simply come on over here onto this website and over here you can simply download their application onto your iPhone or onto your android phone.


Now once we have that application installed you can simply store all your cryptocurrencies in one wallet and you can simply explore from there, so guys this is pretty awesome and I would highly suggest that you guys download this cause if don’t you are missing out on a lot of bitcoin and a lot of value.


So, guys, this is basically the whole method but guys as a bonus in some countries this coinbase does not work so as an alternative for coinbase I have another wallet for you guys and that is

So guys is another website that is going to help you receive payments in bitcoin. Now once you come on this website what I want you to do is to simply click on choose your wallet, now once you click on choose your wallet from over here simply click on next and then choose your operating system.


So depending on the operating system you are using, I myself I’m using windows so I’m going to go ahead and choose windows after that click on next, click on new, click on next again, and then from over here check control, check transparency and check fees.


Now once you do all of this click on next again and then from over here click on 2FA simply because we want 2-factor authentification on our wallet because that means that our funds are going to be secured, so once you’ve done this simply come over here and click on next again. And then it is going to show you the wallet that is the most suitable for you.


So it is saying here that I should use electron wallet, simply click on electron again and from over here click on visit website and then from over here simply download the wallet and you can simply start receiving funds from bitfortip for as many questions as you answer for as long as you want.


So guys this is it for today’s tutorial and you should definitely try out this website if you would want to make extra income in your free time and to monitize your free time perfectly. 


And at the end guys another bonus tip is that once you are answering questions on bitfortip, try to avoid questions that have more than 100 comments, you would want to answer questions that have only around 20 to 30 comments or at best 0 comments because the 0 comments ones are those that are going to prioritize you the most.


 but if a post has more than 100 comments that  means you are not going to get paid, 


cause usually when a post has up to 50 to 60 comments then that person has already found an answer to his or her answer


So you are just simply going to be wasting your time if you answer that question, so answer questions with only the minimum number of comments this over here doesn’t have a lot of comments except for this one with 51 comments which is not good for making money.


So these are just some things to watch out for, other than that if you follow this method correctly step by step then you wouldn’t have to worry about anything and you are all set to go.


So If you guys face any confusion you can reach out to me through the comment section down below cause I respond to all comments and I would guild you till the end until you understand every single thing so guys do not hesitate to reach out to me.


So one more thing guys is that you should make sure to watch out for different scams because some of the different applications and websites that I talk about in this video are very much curated so I basically go through everything my self and I make sure everything is secured so make sure to pay close attention to only the websites and applications I will be showing you on this channel because only then would you be able to fully achieve the methods and be able to manage your time properly without getting scammed anywhere. 


And with that said this is it for today’s video guys. 


As always if you liked it and you are enjoying my content then be sure to give this video a thumbs up below to support my channel and in case you don’t want to miss out on any future videos just like this one then click on that Red subscribe button and turn on the notification and you’ll be notified whenever a new video pops up. 


As always, thank you for watching and I will see you all in my next video.

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