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How Our Smartphones Screens Can Detect contaminated water




With the screens adjusted for sensitivity, users only need to put a drop of water on the phone before drinking to check the safety.

According to Science Daily, a team of experts at the University of Cambridge has demonstrated for the first time that it is possible to use conventional touch screens to identify common ionic pollutants in soil or drinking water.

The sensitivity of the screen sensor is even comparable to that of a laboratory device.

When we hear about smartphones that can be used to perform analytical tasks, there is usually a device connected to the phone. However, according to a new study, smartphone touchscreens can even be used to test drinking water and other liquids.

Today, touch technology is extremely popular in daily life.

A typical smartphone screen is usually covered with a grid of electrodes. When the finger interrupts the electric field of the electrodes, the phone interprets this signal.

Dr Ronan Daly at the University of Cambridge’s Manufacturing Institute, co-author of the study, and colleagues wanted to find out if people could interact with the screen in a different way without changing it too much.


“Instead of a signal from the finger, what if we could make the touchscreen interpret the electrolytes, since these ions also interact with the electric field?” asked Dr. Ronan Daly infected.


The team started with computer simulations, then validated them using touch screens provided by two UK manufacturers, similar to those used for phones and tablets.

They put different drops of liquid on the screen to measure the change in capacitance and then record it with test software. Ions in liquids interact with the electric field of the display differently, depending on the ion concentration and charge.

New method could help detect arsenic contamination in drinking water. Arsenic is a common contaminant in groundwater in many parts of the world. Most municipal water systems filter it before it reaches the home.

However, in places where there is no water treatment plant, arsenic pollution is a serious problem.

Currently, the sensitivity of phone and tablet screens is adjusted to fit the finger.

According to the team, it is possible to change the sensitivity at an angle of the screen by tweaking the electrode design.

“The phone’s software will need to interact with this angle to provide the optimal electric field and become more sensitive to the target ions. This is doable,”

said Professor Lisa Hall in the Department of Chemical Engineering of Science and Biotechnology at the University of Cambridge.


Now the touch screen can detect ions.

However, the team of experts hopes to further improve the technology to detect many types of molecules, opening up the potential for wide applications in the medical field.


“If we can increase the sensitivity to the point where touchscreens can detect heavy metals, then this method could help test for things like lead in drinking water.

We also hope to create sensors for home health monitoring in the future,” said Dr Daly.

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Ronaldo Asks Man Utd board to Replace Solskjaer with Zidane



C.Ronaldo requests for zidane as coach
photo: sports/

Ronaldo Asks Man Utd board to Replace Solskjaer with Zidane

According to El Chiringuito, Cristiano Ronaldo has advised Manchester United’s board to replace Ole Gunnar Solskjaer with Zinedine Zidane.

Following a 4-2 loss to Leicester City on Saturday, Solskjaer has been under greater scrutiny.

The Red Devils have lost three matches in the Premier League.

United’s leadership is said to have given Solskjaer their full support, believing the 48-year-old would enhance the team’s performance.

Senior officials at Old Trafford, on the other hand, are weighing their alternatives and have identified him as a viable contender, based on Ronaldo’s proposal.

According to the report, Zidane has met with United’s management, but he is interested in succeeding Didier Deschamps as France’s new head coach.

It’s also been reported that Zidane was approached by both PSG and Newcastle United, but the former Real Madrid manager declined both offers.


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Tinubu will be a presidential candidate for the APC, according to a lawmaker



Photo credit: STEFAN HEUNIS/AFP via Getty Images

Tinubu will be a presidential candidate for the APC, according to a lawmaker.

Hon Gbolahan Yishawu, a member of the Lagos State House of Assembly, has stated that the state chapter of the All Progressives Congress, APC, is ready to nominate Bola Tinubu, the party’s national leader, as its presidential candidate in 2023.

The outcome of Saturday’s State Congress, according to Yishawu, demonstrated that they were ready to appoint Tinubu the APC’s flag bearer.

The legislator, who represents Eti-Osa II, made the statement immediately after the congress, which took place at Lagos State’s Mobolaji Johnson Arena Stadium.

The success of the Congress, according to Yishawu, demonstrated that internal democracy was here to stay.

He praised party members for maintaining peace and order throughout the congress’s conclusion.

“As you can see here, everything is peaceful and orderly, and the rules and regulations of the party are being played according to the party’s constitution, and we are upholding all democratic and pragmatic stakeholders of today, internal democracy is working in the All Progressive Congress party,”

he said.

“For us in Lagos State, the Congress demonstrates that we are one and unified, and that we can galvanize ourselves, and by God’s help, our wish is for our leader, Aisiwaju Bola Tinubu, to be the party’s presidential candidate in 2023.”

Tinubu is rumored to be eyeing the presidency in 2023.

Posters have been seen in certain states, and a campaign office has been established in Abuja.

Despite the outpouring of support from his fans, the former governor of Lagos State has stayed mute about his presidential ambitions.

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Oko Chukwu, the Deputy Governor of Abia, salutes Ikpeazu, at 57 and pledges his support.



Okezie Ikpeazu deputy Oko Chukwu

Oko Chukwu, the Deputy Governor of Abia, salutes Ikpeazu, at 57 and pledges his support.

Rt. Hon Ude Oko Chukwu, the Deputy Governor of Abia State, has praised his boss, Governor Okezie Ikpeazu, for their overall cordial relationship and synergy.

He restated his sincere commitment to continue to support and collaborate with Ikpeazu in all of his efforts to provide the people of the state and Nigeria with a strong and effective democratic government.

The praise was contained in a statement issued by the Deputy Governor and made available to journalists in Umuahia on Sunday by his Chief Press Secretary, Obasi Okibeh Onwukah, congratulating Governor Ikpeazu on his 57th birthday on Monday.

Oko Chukwu said it was thrilling to be a part of the Abia administration, which has been led by Governor Ikpeazu since 2015, especially because of the state’s historic successes in all areas of the economy, which have substantially improved the state’s face and fortunes.

According to him, there are a thousand and one plausible reasons to thank and appreciate God for the clean bill of health he has bestowed upon the State Chief Executive, adding that his entire family is relying on God’s divine assurance to confidently declare that Kinetic Governor will continue to celebrate many more glorious birthdays ahead in stronger and healthier condition.

While congratulating him on his 57th birthday, the Abia Deputy Governor prayed that God Almighty would sustain and empower him in everything that he does in order to positively and effectively lead Abia State to higher heights for the glory of God and the common welfare of humanity.

Meanwhile, President Muhammadu Buhari congratulated Governor Ikpeazu on his 57th birthday milestone on Sunday.

To honor the Abia Governor, the President joined the whole Ikpeazu family, their friends, and acquaintances.

Femi Adesina, the Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, made the announcement on Sunday.

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